Monday, July 2, 2007

What? Monday?

Okay, I'm lame. I haven't spun much this past week, but I did take pictures of some handspun that had yet to be documented (and yet to be set, but that's another story). However (there's always one of those, isn't there?), the batteries in my camera died before I could transfer the pics to my computer, and as it was already way past my bedtime I was not about to go hunting for new batteries OR my recharger for my tapped out rechargeable batteries. I know, lame. So I might post pictures tonight. If I do, though, it'll be late, because the Transformers movie comes out tomorrow, and I'll be at the first advance showing of it tonight at 8 (can someone please explain to me why they don't just stick to releasing movies on the release date? Midnight's one thing, but 8 pm the night before it's technically released? Come on...) because my boy is out of his MIND with excitement. I see an Autobot hat or scarf in his future. But anyway, that means I won't be home this evening to upload pictures. Sorry. I feel ridiculous, trying to start a trend and not even sticking to it myself.

Anyway, there's other stuff to post too. Yesterday the boy and I went with my parents to the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. While it wasn't quite as cool as other years, it was pretty good. There were weavers from the Mekong River area, working on ikat fabrics that were unbelievably beautiful. And there was embroidery and crochet from Northern Ireland. And HATS. Oh my, the hats. I should've brought a camera, but I'm dumb (and the batteries were low anyway, remember?). This lady makes the most spectacular hats. They had feathers and were beautiful colors and I wish I could've taken one home with me. But alas, I'm sure they're also exorbitantly expensive. Oh well. Anyway, it was a fun time, anybody in the general area should try and get the chance to go this week.

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