Monday, March 30, 2009

Just because everything's changing doesn't mean it's never been this way before...

(Post title from the same song as the previous post title.)

So I finally have pics of the new and improved Narnia Jeans!



Sorry the lighting is kinda sucky. I was at trivia, and Pam's hubby was kind enough to take the pics but no amount of photo-fu can turn crappy lighting and a mediocre camera into professional conditions. Anyway, I'm actually happier with the re-paint than with the original. Don't know if you can tell the difference from the pictures, but I can see it. They're better this time.

The Narnia Exhibition was FANTASTIC. It was just magical. OMG seeing those costumes up close! Or as close as I could get to the glass, at least. Isis Mussenden is my new hero. The detail in the costumes is just incredible. Also, Tumnus' scarf is not just k1sl1/purl, because it definitely has knit v's on the wrong side too. So I have no clue what it is. I'm just gonna be happy with mine for now. I can't justify doing a third Tumnus scarf. Well, I'm sure if I really tried I could, but I won't... Anyway, I hope the exhibition comes somewhere closer because I would LOVE to go again. If it comes near you, go. It's definitely worth the trip.

I'm seriously itching to MAKE STUFF and it's killing me because I've got homework and the basement craft room is a colossal mess (yes, still) and there's just so much to do before I can really justify sitting down and playing. Argh!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope...

A new chapter is about to begin in my Narnia fandom. On Saturday, I will get to go to the Narnia Exhibition. Not with every friend that I wished could get together for it, but still with friends. Good friends. Friends that will not make fun of me for being a fanatic. Much.

And it is at this time that I realize that I never posted pictures of my most splendiferous paint job ever. Which really is a shame, because way back here when I participated in one of Michelle Ward's Crusades, I promised evidence of using my first hand-carved stencil. Well, the evidence has been tampered with. Let me explain.

I did indeed use my Narnia stencil, and I used it on a pair of jeans. I also stamped and painted ivy (with an ivy leaf stamp I carved for the project) around it. And I wore these glorious jeans to the midnight showing of Prince Caspian.


There's ivy on the left leg, too, to balance it all out.

One problem.

I didn't heat set the paint.

Yeah, it faded in the wash. Majorly. So now I'm finally getting around to repainting it. And this time, I will post pictures when I'm finished!