Monday, December 7, 2015

It's That Time of Year

Hello!  Art Every Day Month is over, but I am trying to keep the momentum going.  To that end, I'm still drawing.  Also baking, and cooking, and decorating.  Because it's Christmastime!!!!  Sadly, I haven't been doing much mixed media stuff.  And that's really because I'm lazy and have not taken the time to clear off my desk, and there's tons of stuff piled up on it.  Hopefully I'll get to that this week, though, since I have a couple of projects in mind! 

But enough of that mundane talking stuff.  I know you're really here for the pictures.  Just a few drawings to share, because of course, the main project I have going on is a secret until Christmas.  Here we go:

I started experimenting with dryad variations of my former faun girl.

I like the idea of leaves and branches growing among the dryad's hair.

I think I like her best as an oak nymph.  Oak being my favorite tree, after all.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the cookies my dad and I baked on Saturday, but I can add those later.  They're so good!
So, what are you up to this season?