Monday, January 11, 2010

Merry Christmas! Oh, wait...

I missed it!  Well, in real life I didn't, but in blogland I completely missed blogging about Christmas and all the stuff I made.  I guess that shows how much fun I was having :)  But tomorrow I go back to school, one "real" class and one practicum, so who knows how much time I'll have to make stuff to post here.  I'd better post now while I've got the time...  Picture heavy.  Very.  You have been warned.

My Christmas inspiration came mainly from Tim Holtz this year (link in the side bar).  I got a little bit addicted to his 12 Tags of Christmas.  And all his fun products.  He and Michelle Ward are like art crack.  I just can't stay away from their blogs.  (And let me tell you, as soon as Michelle's new rubber is out, I'm gonna be stamping everything in sight... also, her link is in the sidebar)  Anyway, Tim's techniques are easy for me to do in my tiny little workspace, so I went ahead and made gift tags for everybody this year:


My faves, close up:
teh Man



Big Brother

And of course, I had to do a big Narnia one. I mean, it's me. It's wintertime. What do you expect?

"Carrie, where did you get that fantastic rooted lamppost stamp?"
"Why, I cut it myself, thank you for asking!" :) 


Present-wise, this year saw the march of the Triangle Shawls.

One for my sister-in-law:
Manos Silk Blend. Yum.

And one for Zingala (once again, sidebar):
Rowan Summer Tweed. If yarn were peanut butter, this would be crunchy. And delicious.

I think winter is messing with my brain.  Hopefully I'll be able to crochet and knit enough to warm it up and thaw it out.  Cross your fingers for me!