Friday, September 19, 2014

Disaster Area?

The ever-amazing Seth Apter had a great idea.  We all see the beautiful studio spaces that get published in magazines and stuff, and we all drool and get jealous, right?  Well Seth wanted people to post pictures of what their studio space really looks like on a daily basis.  It has been really reassuring to see other people's messes!  So here is mine:

What's sad is that, while I have three projects in progress on the table there, only two of them are active and I haven't touched either of them in almost a week. 
And then you turn 90 degrees and you see the space that is supposed to be my cutting surface, but it's occupied by piled up junk that I don't have anyplace to store. 
Oh, and my book press.  Which is also not currently in use.  Of course. 
Somebody save me from myself and my disastrous mess.