Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Less Than Three

Before I get to the real post, I have to take a line or two to honor a hero of mine.  Davy Jones passed away today, and I owe a lot of my self-confidence to him.  Rest in peace, Davy.  You meant a lot to me.

Michelle's penultimate GPP Street Team Crusade was to showcase what we love.  I realized that I couldn't decide what to showcase, and that this would be a great opportunity to finally start a whole art journal to showcase the things I love and the things that inspire me.  My favorite things.  But, this being me, I couldn't just buy a journal or sketchbook, I had to make one.  So, with some buffered paper, book board, and my new paper cutter, I cut and folded myself a nice little text block and covers.  I plan to do a Coptic binding (my first ever, from online tutorials) so that it lays flat when it's open, so I had to cover the boards before I bind it.  So rather than just cover them, I went ahead and decorated them too.

Front cover

I haven't sewn it together yet, but when I get the chance I'm going to go ahead and take a stab at this Coptic binding thing.  Since it's just for me, I don't really have to worry about it being perfect...

Then it took me a while, but I finally decided what the first love I would showcase in my new journal would be.  Sepia tones.  They're my go-to palette, my neutrals that go with everything, my antique paper look.  And Tim Holtz's Distress Inks come in all the right shades.  Now, not having much art mojo for the last couple of months, I'm a little off my game.  But last night I managed to pull this together.  Not perfect, but it's something. 

I did the coloring on parts of the flourish with one of the new Distress Ink Pens.  Wow.  Love the pop that it provides.  Will definitely be accumulating more of those for more tone-on-tone details.  I do love me some tone-on-tone. 

Not sure what the next set of pages will be, probably an homage to the color RED.  Another favorite color.  But there will be sure to be some books, some bands, some movies, and more colors making appearances in the book of loves.  I intend for this to be an ongoing project, maybe even revisiting pages now and then, keeping everything a work in progress.  We'll see.  Stay tuned.