Monday, April 16, 2012

Let the Wind Carry You Home

I hadn't worked on much in a little while, except a couple of tags for a friend's baby shower, but there's an idea that had been poking at me for a while, ever since I found black-primed canvases at Michael's.

I knew I wanted to use it for a project based on the Alter Bridge song Blackbird.  I love Alter Bridge.  They've really become my favorite band.  To be honest, I liked them on the radio but never really followed them until I realized that Edge, one of my favorite wrestlers, entered the ring to one of their songs.  I'm glad I noticed.  They're one of those bands whose albums surpass their singles.  When Edge suddenly had to retire or else risk paralysis or death, I started to think of their song Blackbird as his new theme.  It's possibly their best track, but I'll let them speak for themselves:

(I always think Myles' vocals are a little weird live, but still... Note the Beatles homage at the beginning and the totally sweet Tremonti Series PRS Guitars - a Maryland guitar company :) )


I had sort of started the project a good while ago, but wasn't happy with what I was getting.  Trying to stamp on stretched canvas is pretty hard, especially when it's not stretched very taut.  So I had walked away from my sloppy gothic text stamping with Michelle Ward's Printed Matter stamps and let it sit there for a while.  But this weekend, I finally followed through with what I wanted to do.  At worst, I'd have to paint black over it and start over, right?

 First things first, I needed a custom mask.  So I printed out the image I wanted (the blackbird from the Blackbird album cover) and stuck some Tim Holtz mask material (I like it cos it's already sticky on the back) on it and started cutting.  And why cut a mask and discard the rest of the material?  So I was careful to not make any extra cuts so I could have a stencil too. 

Yeah, that little guy was a beeotch and a half to cut out.  But so, so worth it.  Because I peeled off the paper, stuck him down where I wanted him on the canvas (ok so the sticky didn't so much stick, but it worked well enough), and swiped over him with some silver paint.  And some red paint.  And some black paint.  And I'm pleased with the result.

It's the first piece of Alter Bridge inspired art that I've finished.  I've got another project that's been sitting half-done for a while that I need to get back to.  I just need to fit it in between the dancing and the mending and the just being too tired to do anything but sit and play video games after work.