Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hole in My Life

*cue The Police* There's a hole... in my life...
Or at least in my knitting. There are lots of holes in my knitting. But they're supposed to be there.

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That's the closeup of my Razor Cami, from (I linked to the pattern in an earlier post...) Here's a (sadly, blurry) overall shot:

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See that flamingo stitch marker? That's from Pam :D She got those for me, simply because she's awesome. And she knows I love flamingoes :D 'MINGO!!!!! See? They make me happy.

So this camisole is taking its time but it's coming along. I can't say I've been working on it constantly, though I did even work on it a little in the car on the way to The Police. Not working on it today, though. My arm, wrist, and hand hurt, and I think it's from work. Stacks and stacks of paper are heavy, especially when you're holding them up so as to count them. Ah well. It just needs some rest.

That's all I have to report on this WiP Wednesday. A single knitting WiP, the awesomeness of Pam, and a hurty arm. And a pathetic Police tie-in. Hey, come on, you know I had to get them in here somehow...


Trillian42 said...

Wow - that's coming along! And quickly!

I'm so glad you like the stitchmarkers. There was no way I could NOT buy them for you.

AK said...

The lacey camisole looks great, love the colour too, just about my favourite at the moment!
Feel free to link, thanks for the compliment!