Monday, July 9, 2007

Um, okay, apparently the computer has decided I'm not allowed to type in a title for this post. Screwy.

Anyway, even though it's Monday, rejoice! I learned three (yes, THREE) new knitting things this weekend! I ROCK! This is what I learned:

1. Knitting in the round. First on circulars and then on dpns. Way easier on circulars, but I'm getting the hang of the double points. Spiky!

2. Continental knitting. OMG. I had tried this once before and couldn't get the hang of it to save my soul. But for some reason, I tried it again and it just clicked. Woooo!!!

3. SOCKS! I haven't actually, ya know, knit a sock yet. But I know how! Lucy Neatby taught me :) See, Mom got her DVDs about sock knitting, so I watched the first one last night. And now sock knitting makes sense to me and I can totally do it on my own. Well, a basic sock anyway. I know how to knit a sock! *happy dance*

This all makes me really want to knit. I still have to finish the baby blanket though. But soon my yarn will arrive for the camisole I'm going to knit, and I will work on that. I'm thinking of trying to get it done in time to go see The Police. I hope I hope I hope. That's two weeks. Think I can get it done?

Anyway, today is also Handspun Monday. So here we go, this is what I was going to post last week. The roving I spun it from is mohair and wool, from Kid Hollow Farms, and I got it at Stitches last year. When Mom gave me my first Golding spindle for Christmas, I knew what to spin with it :) The roving itself reminded me of the sunrise over the Atlantic, as I watched it from a Redemptorist order's retreat house when I was a senior in high school. I'm planning on crocheting it into a mobius. So here's the yarn:

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Anonymous said...

I can help you with making a two-ply yarn. Can you show me how to do a cabled yarn? I can show you how to Navajo ply as well. Hope to see you at Alice's this Sunday! Loraine