Monday, July 16, 2007

Magnificent Monday

Well, sorry, I totally buggered out of WiP Wednesday AND Yarn Pr0n Friday last week. I wasn't home much, as usual. Mom keeps telling me I gotta get out of that habit. But hey, I did start a new project! I started that Razor Cami that I linked to in my last post. Let me tell you, that whole continental knitting thing is AMAZING. So much faster. A lot more like crochet, actually. I like it much better, and I think I might actually *gasp* enjoy knitting! Wow! And the baby blanket? Is on the backburner for a few days. Every time I tried to work on it the past week, I end up frogging as much as I crochet because I end up with mistakes at the beginnings of rows, which I don't notice until I get back there by the end of the next row. Very frustrating.

So where's the handspun? I know you're thinking it. I haven't done much spinning, and certainly haven't been spinning anything new, except that yesterday I went to my monthly spinning guild get-together, and I bought a couple of merino rovings that I just couldn't resist. The couple that hosts the guild has their own fiber preparation and dyeing business, and their rovings are beautiful. One of the ones I got is a colorway called "Denim." I've been wanting to make a shawl that I can grab and throw on with jeans and whatever I happen to be wearing with them, thus it must be a neutral or the same general color as the jeans. So when I saw the "Denim" roving I just knew that I'd have to make said shawl with my own homespun. Hopefully I'll be able to spin enough; it doesn't need to be a big shawl, but I'd like it to be big enough to cover more than my shoulders. Anyway, I'll quit yakking and get on with the pictures. First, the roving itself:

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And here's how it spins up:

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YUM. It's wonderful.

In other news, there are two or three obsessions competing for brain space right now. Psych, Transformers, and The Magnificent Seven. Let's for a moment take Transformers. The movie is beyond fantastic. It's everything a summer blockbuster should be. Don't believe me? See it yourself. Now, this does have a relevance to my blog. I've gotten the crazy idea to do Transformers themed yarns. I've got an idea for a yarn to correspond to each Autobot. No Decepticon ideas yet. Decepticons are boring and nowhere near as cool as Autobots anyway. But maybe by the fall or winter you'll see *gasp* art yarns here, inspired by the Transformers!

Another of my obsessions, and one which I haven't managed to work into my craftiness yet, is The Magnificent Seven. Not the movie, no. The television show. See, my best friend got me hooked while we were at college, and now that the show is on DVD we each have both seasons. Season two came out just recently, so I just got it a couple weeks ago, and I'm obsessed all over again. So it's not at all relevant, but I thought I'd share this absolutely perfect fan-made music video I found on YouTube. Enjoy:

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