Wednesday, June 6, 2007

WiPing myself into shape...

Okay, I don't have a witty parody like Cristi's. Though I have been humming that all day and giggling.

I just have the one and only thing on my hook at the moment. WiPs and now hooks? Ouch...

It's a present, so shhh don't tell anybody that it's not finished.

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It looks a lot better in person. The yarn is Rowan Summer Tweed. I wanted to make a simple spring scarf, cos the recipient lives up north and so spring is still rather brisk. I started out knitting it, but ripped it out and switched to crochet because, well, I like it better. Also, when you're already behind schedule, it helps to use the craft you can do faster.

One more, ok? A spinning WiP, also a future gift.
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One ply of luscious baby camel. So soft. This got lots of comments in the courthouse I was working in for the week. I love spinning in public. Plying this has been kind of a bear, though. Aside from the fact that I can't ply worth crap, it got all tangled and I totally flipped out. My daddy is a hero, though, and he has mad skillz at untangling things. Mom helped too, but she doesn't have the fishing experience that Dad does ;) Maybe the finished product will be my Friday pr0n.

Now I've got so many more projects to start. A baby blanket, a vest for myself, something for an auction I'm donating to... eep. I guess this makes tomorrow "Impending Projects Thursday," or something more catchy.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Is the Summer Tweed color 541? I have like 12 hanks of that stuff to figure something out for. It does look nice crocheted. That camel though! Wow! It looks great on that pretty little spindle.