Friday, June 15, 2007

Where'd the Week Go?

Come back, week! On second thought, don't.

So, I missed WiP Wednesday. It's kinda okay, because I didn't have any new WiPs to show, at least not until I got home from knitting guild. And then I only had a foundation chain and a few stitches of the first row. Not terribly impressive. I guess I could've posted pics of Ford with his new coat of primer, but I think I'll make you all wait for the finished product.

Anyway, it's now Friday, and I'm going to make up for Wednesday by joining in the fibery goodness of Yarn Pr0n Fridays! And so without further ado, I bring you the yarn that my wonderful friend Irene bought me in Germany:

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It's wool and acrylic, and it's really soft, and I LOVE the color. Let's take a closer look, shall we? C'mon Goteborg, work it!

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Yum. And one more yarn for this week, a silk that I got at MDS&W. It's soooo wonderful. I'm a big fan. It didn't get its own photoshoot, though, just a few snapshots. Here's the best one (sad, I know):

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It's so... silky! And shiny! And there's ever-so-subtle color variations. And I have no clue what to use it for.

So I'm really glad it's Friday. It means the work week is over, and it means that tomorrow is Saturday. W0000t! This Saturday will be especially fun, because Pam and I are getting together to paint Zaphod and Ford. So excited! Spiffy paintjobs on our spiffy wheels! I can't wait to show off Ford when I'm done :) And Pam, I'll have everything we need, including Vanilla Coke and the Hitchhiker's Guide dvd running in the background :)

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Trillian42 said...

PRETTY German yarn! I like! And the silk is pretty, too - any idea what it will be?

Woohoo wheel pimpin' party! Which dvd will you be showing - the original BBC, or the movie? (I'm up for either, I actually like both)