Monday, March 26, 2007


Okay so I didn't post pictures. I still haven't downloaded them from my camera. But as it turns out I don't have to go to rehearsal tonight so I'll do that. Meanwhile, though, I figure I'll update about the weekend.

First off, Pam is evil. EEEEEVIL. She alerted me to the fact that Knit Happens had Alchemy yarns on sale. I now have three skeins of Synchronicity coming to me, waiting for a project. Maybe I should join that KAL that Pam joined. The stash-building one. *sigh*

And then the reason that I didn't go ahead and post my pics this weekend is that I went away for my birthday to an SCA event back "home." Even entered the A&S novice competition with some of my merino spun on my medieval replica spindle! Also, started seeing how fine I could spin on said spindle. Wow. I have thread :) I really miss that barony, because there's so much emphasis on A&S down there. Unlike up here, where there's one A&S meeting per month. As opposed to once a week at "home." Plus, all my SCA friends are there, and they're wonderful people, and I am so sad that I don't get to play with them anymore. That's the real reason, but the lack of A&S up here makes it more difficult to make new friends, which would ease the pain a little. Oh listen to me, going all emo...

Anyway, I did not buy any yarn all weekend *snif* but I did get a knitted hood, which I am going to reverse engineer. It's really more like a head sock. It's a tube that then increases at the bottom to cover the shoulders. Bad description, I know. But it's really fun and nifty and I want different colors to go with all my garb! Yeah, me = huge dork. And sock head.

So, in summary: Pam is evil, SCA is good, my beloved home barony is better, and I need to post pictures. Sounds about right.

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Trillian42 said...

Wouldn't it have been MORE evil, knowing how much you wanted to find the Synchronicity at Stitch DC, NOT to tell you that it was on sale? Just to, you know, mention it in passing, WAY after the fact?