Sunday, March 18, 2007


Guess what came in on Thursday???

My birthday present!!! A brand new, shiny Ashford Traveller. Single drive, scotch tension, double treadle. GLORIOUS. Everyone, meet Merriweather (you know, like from Sleeping Beauty? Yeah, I name things. Deal.)
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Tearing me away from it has been tough. I even started putting it together right away. Dad has pictures of me drinking wine and assembling the thing. The wine definitely helped... I've gotta get the pictures from him, but then I'll post them if anybody's interested.

Anyway, I've already got two full skeins of yarn, and I've only had it for three days. Can we say addicted? I went to spinning guild today and had to talk myself into bringing my spindles instead of my wheel. Cos I know it's a Traveller, but let's face it, nothing's more portable than a drop spindle. But as soon as I got home I sat down at my wheel and finished a test skein of that short brown merino I got with my medieval spindle. Yeah, addicted.

Meanwhile I have costume stuff to work on. Not as fun as spinning. And I'm afraid I'll never crochet again. Or knit. I hope the novelty of spinning will wear off just a bit, just enough that I'll get back to my crochet. At the moment, though, I'd much rather make yarn than use it!

Handspun yarn pr0n to come...


Trillian42 said...

Fabbo!!! She might not be all that portable, but maybe at some point you'll have to bring her over and we can hang out and spin for a while. (Yes, I've decided I'm destined to keep my wheel. I'm wishy-washy.)

Pocket Size said...

Ooooh, yeah I can do that. Heehee, I'm glad I got the new one, then! I wouldn't want to deprive you of your spinning glee :)

roxy =^o^= said...

Happy belated birthday sweety!