Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week Four, a Little More

This week I did manage to do some drawing every day. However, instead of doing individual finished drawings, I kept a running collection of practice drawings. I'm trying to work with my faun girl and get to be consistent in drawing her so she can be a recurring character in my art. At some point I plan to work on practicing the faun guy too. As it is, in considering a couple of changes to her design. I might change her from being a faun to being a dryad. As much as I like the look of her with antlers, it just doesn't make much sense, since does don't normally have antlers. Anyway, here are my sketches for practicing different expressions, and a couple of attempts at a chibi version. 

One more thing. A friend had requested a drawing of manta rays, AKA majestic sea flap flaps (the Internet has renamed them thus). So, while we were at a charity gaming event on Black Friday, I drew him his majestic sea flap flaps :)

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Maryanne said...

Your drawing skills are getting better and better!