Sunday, November 1, 2015


I may not have been blogging, but here I am to tell you that I HAVE been making art!  This year, I found out about Inktober, a challenge started several years ago by an artist named Jake Parker.  The idea is to create an ink drawing each day in October.  Well, I started late because I didn't find out about it until a couple of days into the month, and because of other commitments, I missed several days.  Not such a good showing for my first Inktober.  But the good news is that I demonstrably improved my inking skills AND my manga style over the course of the month.  I'm really enjoying this stuff!

So, having told you about it, here are my drawings for the month.  I did each one on an ATC, to keep some degree of consistency.

This was my first attempt at drawing my favorite character from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater.  His name is Ronan Lynch.

Another character from The Raven Cycle, Adam Parrish.

The main character of The Raven Cycle, Gansey.

My other favorite Raven Cycle character, Noah Czerny.

The main female character, Blue Sargent.

This raven is supposed to be Ronan's pet raven, Chainsaw.

Because I was disappointed in my original drawing of him, I tried drawing Ronan again.  Much  happier with this one.

A friend from Tumblr requested Makoto and Haruka from Free! dressed as black cats for Halloween.

My new favorite RWBY character, Qrow Branwen.

from RWBY

An early view of Ruby Rose from RWBY.
The spirit of her mother, Summer Rose.

Last night, I finally had the chance to do more to fulfill my friend's request for Mako and Haru as black cats.  Haru is kind of obsessed with water, and will strip down to his swimsuit and hop into any quantity of water that will hold him, at any time, anywhere.  Apparently, he found the apple bobbing tub at the Halloween party too irresistible.  Haru's best friend Makoto is, as  usual, distressed about Haru's lack of self control.

Since I kind of failed at being consistent for Inktober, I'm trying a new challenge.  For November, I'm trying to participate in Art Every Day Month.  I'll try to post weekly updates on how I'm doing with that.  Have any of you ever participated in a challenge like this?  I know there are quite a few around out there.  


Unknown said...

That is great work Carrie. who needs stamps with drawing like this.

Maryanne said...

I've always thought your drawing skills were great but more practice makes everyone better no matter their talent. I love all your drawings for Inkotber and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for November. I just love the ATC with the pumpkin, raven and wheat. It's really beautiful!

Unknown said...

Well done Ms Pokkit. You have definitely improved your inking, although even your first ones are rather better than you give yourself credit. Practice is the only way to be a better artist, as I myself am learning. I participated in Art Every Day Month a few years ago. I will take it on again and do it with you!! �� How's about them apples?

Diana Taylor said...

You have a great collection of ATC's there - I'm not familiar with the characters but I really appreciate the skill of your drawing - I particularly love the squirrel, he has such a cute face and I love the pumpkin and wheat too. Good luck with your new challenge for November - I daren't take on something that commits me to art everyday this near to Christmas!!