Saturday, June 13, 2015

So Much Glue

Hello, Pocketeers!  I'm back!  Last weekend, with two days of Seth Apter classes, was awesome.  And I know some of you wanted to see what I did in the workshops, so here we go!

Day 1 was Collage Camp.  Seth went over several collage principles and techniques, and we did an exemplar of each one, thus building up a sort of handbook for future reference.  Then, we did some background painting and were let loose to practice what we had learned. 
This is the color combo I started with.  Meh.  I don't like the two-tone.

That's better.

Are you shocked by my choice of stamps?  I bet you are.  Not.

Auditioning the layout.  Employed here are Overlapping (duh), Repetition, and Highlighting.  For further explanation of what those are, take Seth's Collage Camp class wherever he offers it near you ;)

Just put the finishing touches (the gold and the word "sanctuary") on tonight.  Except for how much the washi tape wrinkled, I'm really pleased with how this turned out.

And btw, how gorgeous is that Gothic window stamp?  Mom got it for me (in a set with an awesome door design too) when she was out in Washington state taking another Seth class.  I swear we're not stalking him.  We're just groupies.

Day 2 was actually a class we were supposed to take back in February, but it got snowed out.  It's called Brick by Brick, and this class was a little more project-oriented, though we learned a lot of cool painting techniques and did a lot of, er, sharing.

Pardon the shadow of the window here, this is my painted paper.

Detail of the painted paper after a few more layers of fun.

All that beautiful paper........

And this is what it became!  Sorry, I can't tell you how we did it, you'll have to take the class.

Even the sides of the canvas are covered.
Doing all of this collaging and such, I went through an entire little jar of matte gel medium.  I'm not quite sure exactly how much of it ended up on my hands, but it seemed like a lot -- I wasn't sure I would EVER get it all off.  And if there's one thing I hate, it's having sticky hands.  But you know what?  For all of the fun we had, all the stuff I learned, and the two complete works of art I ended up with, I think it was totally worth it.


Maryanne said...

Gorgeous! My collage is finished and framed! Brick by Brick is next on the list. I love how yours turned out! I agree about the gel medium! It was everywhere!

Diana Taylor said...

Wow, I love what you created on your weekend with Seth - the window one is very atmospheric and very 'you' - I'm still loving that stamp!! The mosaic one is beautiful and I love the brick effect - very clever. So glad you had a great time and ever so slightly envious!!