Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I know, another WiP Wednesday with no WiPs. I promise, it's just because I have no noticeable progress to record. Also, it's been a busy week, trying to stay on top of things for Ragtime, for which rehearsals started this week. There are 42 cast members. There is one of me taking their measurements. I only got halfway through the cast on Monday, so I have to do the rest tonight. Fortunately, I think there will be people to help me manage the wardrobe backstage during the shows. 42 is a lot of people. On the bright side, I think I know The Question now.

Also, it's football season, which brings with it its own projects. I need to get to work on fingerless gloves and hats for tailgating. So much to do!

But most importantly, the new HIM album came out yesterday! I couldn't get it until late at night, so I'm finally listening to it this morning. It's AWESOME. As expected. Everyone needs a copy. Go forth all of you! Seek out Venus Doom (it's the one with the really ugly painting on the cover). Buy it. Swoon over Ville's voice. Enjoy the music. It's the reason we were put here on this earth.


Trillian42 said...

Holy cow, woman - 42 cast members?!?

And I thought of you yesterday. We ran over to the mall, and the Hot Topic had a whole HIM display in the front of the store. :D

Anonymous said...

Loving Venus Doom. It's playing non-stop here. Did you decide if you're going to s show?

I'm still getting to know you here on your blog Carrie - and from this post I gather you do wardrobe for shows? THAT is way way way coooooool!