Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Podcasts Are Happy Things

No pics to post at the moment, because I don't have them downloaded yet, but I finished Mom's "Lavender Fields" merino. Well, finished spinning it. Still needs to be washed and hung. But it's off the wheel! So now I have moved on to the "Ocean Mist" merino/tencel. It's like spinning a little bit of Heaven. Okay so I've never spun Heaven, but it's what I imagine Heaven would spin up like. I seem to be getting better at being consistent, too. Which is not to say that the yarn is completely consistent, but it's consistent enough that I think only I will be able to tell. The only problem is that I'm getting better at spinning a consistent, thin yarn, which means I'm having a hard time finishing the mohair blend I've got on my Golding spindle, because that started out relatively thick, and it's just getting thinner no matter what I do. Gahh!

So that's the update on what I'm working on. On with the rest of the post.

Thanks to Spin-Off magazine, I have discovered The Fibercast (link to your left). It's a fiber-arts podcast done by a very nice woman named Caroline, who owns a plethora of animals including alpacas. In the podcasts, she gives an update on what's going on in the fiber world, what she's working on, and she often interviews somebody in the fiber business. My favorite interview so far has been the one with Ted Myatt, the Knitterguy, whose blog I now must read. Caroline also discusses her animals and has done one podcast entirely about raising alpacas; that's my other favorite. So, my few and loyal readers, you really ought to listen to the cast. It's fantastic, and now that I've listened to all of them at work, I have to set my laptop next to my wheel and listen to them all again while playing (in case I missed anything, which I'm sure I have, being at work). Enjoy!

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