Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Theme: Background Check

I'm back with a new theme this week!  All week I've been working on incomplete projects.  Not finishing ones that are already around, mind you, but on creating intentionally incomplete projects.  See, Mr. Pocket and I are visiting his family in Germany soon, and since it will be my first trip to Germany, I wanted to keep some kind of travel journal.  And then I got to thinking about the German word for diary or journal, which is Tagbuch, or day book.  And I thought hey, that has "tag" in it.  I'll journal on tags!  But of course I can't just journal on plain, blank tags, and I don't want to have to bring a lot of supplies and start each tag from scratch, so I'm working on a big batch of tag backgrounds to take with me.  I'm doing both sides of each tag so that there's not a front side and a messy back side.  Here's what I've got so far:

This last one is the one I'm least pleased with.  If I make enough backgrounds, I might not use this one.
For all of these, I've used Distress Inks, Perfect Pearls Mist, Adirondack Paint Dabber, and Michelle Ward stencils.  More to come!  I need lots of 'em.


Unknown said...

What an outstanding interpretation of "Tagbuch"! I love the ones with the white stenciling especially the one with little diamonds.

Great way to prep for a trip and make compact journaling pages. So much you could choose to do once they are filled with memories.

Maryanne said...

I love what you've done so far! I love how you use Michelle's stencils!

Diana Taylor said...

What a wonderful idea - I think you've got a fantastic selection of tags there, and I love connection to the word 'tag'. Very clever!