Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Theme: Bring on Spring

It's time.  It's finally time for Winter to buzz off and make way for warmer, happier seasons.  This is the last day of February, and I say good riddance.  I like Valentine's Day, but otherwise I have no use for this month.  It's about time March got here.  March, with its Spring Equinox, my birthday, St. Patrick's Day, daffodils, and, this year, Easter.  I cannot wait.  So, to rush things a little bit, here are some of my favorite things about Spring.

1. The Return of the Birds
Simple tag from 2010 (I think).

Already I've been stepping out of the house and hearing birds in the morning.  That makes me happy.  In Springtime, I like to decorate with birds and use them as a motif in my art, or at least I would use them more if I had more bird stamps.  I have been collecting these pretty little glazed porcelain birds from Michael's craft store.  They look adorable on my living room shelves.

2. My Garden
The view from my bedroom door last May.
The view from my bedroom door in January.
The first one is better, isn't it?  I can't wait to see my lavender blooming again and have fresh herbs growing again.  Not to mention my adorable little fern, Fred, has been suffering indoors all winter and is so dried out he's crispy, even though I mist him every morning (I don't name all my plants, but the fern just looked like it needed a name.)
3. My Birthday
Mr. Pocket is the best.
Yes, this one is about me.  Pretty self-explanatory.
4. Not Freezing My Butt Off.
This is an important one.  I don't have a picture for it, unfortunately.  Or perhaps fortunately.
5. Daffodils
Somehow I have completely failed to have a picture of my favorite flower.  It trumps all of the others because it's the first to come up, aside from crocuses, which I like almost as much.  One of my favorite poems is about daffodils, too.  It's William Wordsworth's "The Daffodils (I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud)"
Are you looking forward to Spring as much as I am?  What are you most looking forward to about it? 


Maryanne said...

Well, as you know, I love spring! I love the early flowers, the crocuses, daffodils,hellebores, all of them! And, I love the softness of the air and working in the garden. I agree about February, it needs to go because aside from Valentine's Day, it's boring!!!

B said...

Should you tell people about your morning battle with the birdies to stay asleep? LOL

Katie said...

Daffodils are the best! And super easy to deal with. I pretty much n just tossed a few bulbs in the garden then covered them with mulch, and they are peaking their little leaves out. I can't wait to see those sunny blooms outside my kitchen window.

Diana Taylor said...

What a lovely bright blog post - I have been trying to fight the blues lately and not succeeding very well - so this has cheered me up and made me feel spring really is just around the corner! Have a happy March birthday.