Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Theme: Decking the Halls

Very brief post again.  Haven't had much art time, and I haven't even fully decorated for Christmas yet.  But I do have some decorations up, and there is somewhat of a theme.  It sort of revolves around childhood.  So far, I've got this shelf:

Obviously childlike, with the toy theme going on.  And teddy bears are dear to me.  But the rest of what I have up is probably not so obviously related to childhood.  It is, however, very related to my childhood. 

Mom and I used to read this magazine together all the time, and it still is my favorite:

Every month, when it came in, we'd wait til bedtime, and then I'd sit on Mom's bed with her and we'd page through the new issue.  The Christmas issue was always our favorite.  Now, quite a bit of my taste in Christmas decorations leans toward the Victorian.  Like these:

I love these cones.  I think I got them from Victorian Trading Co. but I don't remember.  The holly and pinecones are just floral picks from Michael's.  Nothing special.  But I like hanging these from the bottom shelf's brackets.  It just makes it that much more festive.

Next week I should have more to show, although the coming week is going to be hyper busy.  In the meantime, pocketeers, what do you most love to decorate with at this time of year?  Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, it's a change of season, which ushers in all kinds of fantastic new motifs to take the place of Fall harvest imagery.


Maryanne said...

It's so fun to see some of your decorations again! And, yes, Victoria magazine is a favorite! I remembering finding the first issue when you were a little girl.
As you know, my favorite Christmas decoration is the tree with all the ornaments we've accumulated over the years. I love your shelf and I know the rest of the house will look great too!

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh, what gorgoues cones - I do love the look of Victorian decorations - I'd just love a Victorian house to put them in instead of a modern one! I really like your little shelf too - very nostalgic, and a lovely idea!