Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Snow days make for a productive time here in the Pocket.  Not getting useful stuff done, necessarily (like cleaning, organizing, homework...) but getting fun stuff done.  Like knitting, and sewing, and baking.  You've seen my Valentines from the first blizzard of the week.  Between then and now, I've finished a scarf, an applique, and a batch of cupcakes.  Woohoo!

Pics of the scarf in its completely finished state are forthcoming after it's blocked, but here's a general idea:

Imagine that with a crocheted lace border, and you have a preview of the finished finished object.

Today I had time to do a bit of a fix that I'd been planning on. See, I found this adorable t-shirt at Target:

Now, I'm definitely not that cynical about romance. In fact, quite the opposite. But how could I pass up that squirrel? So with the help of FusiKnit, Misty Fuse, a black long-sleeved t-shirt, and some perle cotton, I ended up with this:

And, of course, because I can't let an opportunity for cupcakes go by, I made amazing cupcakes of Win.

Want a closeup?

Mmmmm nom nom nom...

It's the first time I've tried 7-minute Frosting. I'm totally sold. And anyone with a snowmobile or snowshoes or a dogsled is welcome to come over and help me eat these, because I don't know how my parents and I are going to manage to eat all 24 of them ourselves before they go stale...

What have you done with your snow day?


Trillian42 said...

LOL - I almost bought that shirt for you one day when I saw it. :D

Everything looks awesome. If we could get out, I'd help with those cupcakes. Yum! said...

We had a good time in the studio didn't we? Haven't done that in a while. And, yes, everyone is welcome to join us for cupcakes and tea, if they have a dog sled to get them here! They are yummy!