Sunday, July 5, 2009


I hope everybody had a happy 4th of July. I spent mine with good friends, natural family, and my chosen family of retired Navy guys and wives. The best people on the planet.

In this past week, the first week of July, I also got to celebrate being done with my summer classes. I enjoyed them, but I think I'm going to enjoy my free time quite a bit, too :) After all, I've got so many projects waiting to be worked on! The ever-waiting Raven Shawl will finally get its start. And thanks to Pam I have another project in mind -- Ishbel is the perfect pattern I think for my skein of Blue Heron Rayon in "Chesapeake."

So as I declare my two-month independence from classwork, I find that I'm willingly binding myself to something else: a to-do list. Sort of a personal syllabus, just without specific deadlines. As much as I'm enjoying my grad school, I think this creative syllabus is going to be less stressful...

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