Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cracking the WiP

zOMG! A blog! I knew I had one of these things around here somewhere!

For real though, I have an excuse for not posting. I've been a little busy. I've so far seen Prince Caspian 3 times (if you haven't seen it yet, what are you doing here? Go! Get thee to the cinema!), Indy once, visited Williamsburg with my mom, been increasing my WiP pool, been spinning more than previously (yayz!), and have been cultivating my new obsession with which I've been surely driving my friends and family completely insane. And as usual, I am planning on blogging more often. *snort*

Anyway, I've got fun Narnia-related stuff to show you, but since it's Wednesday, perhaps instead you'd like to see those aforementioned WiPs? Well how about...

A crocheted sock?

Kureyon Sock. Not the softest ever, but just gaze for a while at those glorious Noro colors...

P.S. That is only about 3 hours of crochet, give or take a few minutes. Now you understand what there is to love about being a hooker.

The Knitting Sisters beret. Could not resist this pattern. Yes, it's Kureyon; I can't help myself. This skein seems remarkably soft, though. Same color as the socks:


And the WiP that I started before either of those. I'm knitting Askew from Knitty. But not in Noro. Aha! A non-Noro WiP! Anywho, what I am knitting it in is Tess' Microfiber Ribbon. Yes, I am aware that it is not the same gauge as Silk Garden, and I should've reconsidered my yarn choice and gone with something that's the same gauge. But where's the fun in that? I redid the math. And it came out to me knitting the numbers for the size XL. Ironic? I think we would call it that, yes. But once you see these pics you will know why I had to do this.



Is it not remarkable? Is it not gorgeous?
It's become my Robin Hood knitting, despite brief forays into the above Noro projects. I feel it is appropriate knitting for Robin Hood, it being green and kinda evocative of some of the costuming themes of the show.

Well there you have it. My WiP Wednesday post, and it's still Wednesday! Go me! Now I'm off to debate whether to start spinning, work on one of my current WiPs, or start a new one I have planned...


Trillian42 said...

Ooh - Askew is going to be stunning!!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh Askew is looking pretty! It's going to be gorgeous!

Stitchcounter said...

Pretty--better than the model in Knitty. Is it worth the trouble of working with the ribbon yarn? It looks like it is.

Crocheted socks...are they as comfy as knit socks? They intrigue me (I liked the pattern in the last issue of IC) but am not completely sure. Let us know how it works out. :)

Megan B said...

Hey, I was tagged, and decided to tag you! You can see the rules on my blog. Hope everything's going well. How was the 'burg? See any of Tirydon while you were down there?

Megan B said...

considering the drool factor, thought you would want to check out the latest Daily Show. . . because it has James McAvoy on it!