Monday, April 14, 2008

Handspun FOs!

I have been remiss. I finished a project last week and didn't post it. In fact, I finished it exactly one week ago. Bad Carrie.

But, as it is made from my own handspun and I have nothing new on bobbin or spindle (and I'm sure you don't want more pictures of the same roving in varying amounts on my bobbins), I feel that it is appropriate for Handspun Monday. Ladies and Gentlemen (are there any?), I give you -- the Ocean Waves Boteh scarf!



Actually, I've been on a roll with the handspun this week. Because on Saturday I started -- and Sunday I finished -- another long-planned, never-executed project. This one is from the roving that I bought at Stitches East in 2006 and spun on my first Golding Spindle (I've since started a collection). The roving caught my eye because the colors reminded me of the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, and I eventually decided I would make a moebius wrap out of it. Sadly, some of the color washed out in the finishing bath, butit still makes me think of that beautiful sunrise. So about a year after finishing the yarn, I finally sat down and made the moebius. If I don't just decide to make it happen, it's not gonna make itself, right?

The color in the picture is off, unfortunately, but that's what I get for having such yellowy lightbulbs in my room. I'll try and get a more true-to-color pic. Since the color is really what's important about this piece. *sigh*

I've spun half of the Earth & Sky roving, and I need to ply what I've spun and get to spinning the other half of the roving, so that I have more handspun yarn to play with!


Zonda said...

Lovely moebius and scarf. Must be very rewarding to spin and knit your own yarn :)

Trillian42 said...

Wow - the moebius looks awesome!!!

And I'd comment on the scarf, but, well, that's old news to me now. ;)


Maryanne said...

Love that picture of you wearing your moebius! The photographer did a great job :)!

Anonymous said...

The moebius looks great on you I never seem to get around to knitting things like that. The scarf is lovely, great colours too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I think the moebius may be the first non-hat you've made that (in addition to appreciating the skill and time it took to make) I really, really like! All your stuff is well done, but this I'd actually wear! :-)