Thursday, December 27, 2007


Merry Christmas everybody!

Sorry I've been so absent. It's not nice to you, my few readers. To be fair, I haven't been taking pictures and I haven't been downloading pictures, because I got my new laptop. And oh such problems with the wireless network at home. But I want to take my new laptop for a field trip to somewhere else with wifi so that I can make sure that the problem is our network and not the laptop. Don't wanna put anything on the new laptop until I'm sure it's fine. So, no new pics. Yet.


Soon there will be LOTS of pics! I have FOs to show, new WiPs to be excited about (I've started like four things in the past two days or so), yarn to brag about, and presents to show off! And I promise I will!

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niersgalerie said...

hi carrie, its hans in germany

i was rally surprised when i found pocket size studio in the wide world of net.
i must confess, and i'm quite ashamed, that i never expected to read about a person like you in the states...

f.e. home spinning: o.k., here in europe or even in australia are many many people working on a spinning wheel, some do it as a hobby, and a few - like myself - do it more or less professionally.
i am an artist, i paint and do some printings, but most enjoyable is my work on gobelins of all sizes, made from local raw wool, handspun and plant dyed, and woven on a primitive weaving loom. bigger gobelins will be constructed by sewing several smaller parts to a big one. i use a self constructed electrical spinning wheel, because my right foot and ankle is a bit damaged from 25 years of turning the wheel. ordinary wheels here are a modified louet s10, another s10-like dutch copy made by wernekinck, called rotterdam, a wernekinck delft, which is a castle type, and a very modified ashford trad with a much faster wheel/axle set. i have a louet drum carder, which is also electrified (motor of a washing machine), and so much easier than the hand driven thing. i also make hand spindles and sell them sometimes by ebay, but ebay in europe has become so unbelievably cheap, i wont sell it for 1 or 2 $ incl. wool and instructions.
i really pay respect to your spinning ambitions. have you spun real angora? we used to have some 140 angora rabbits an made a lot of homespun plantdyed angora wool, pure and blended.

your job: i read in your profile, that you work in a museum or library. is that correct? unfortunately it is all dubbed into german, and i do not trust those dubbing. before i decided to make my living from working as an artist and author, i had studied anthropology, archaeology and early history.
the job - situation for archaeologists or historians is very poor in this country.
stonehenge: i read your posting about "foam" stonehenge. ggggg - i've been to teal stonehenge couple of times. its just 500 miles from my place, and on the way to ireland - we have a little cottage on the kerry coast since the 90ies - we regularly pass stonehenge in the salisbury plains.


ah, you wrote about the aerzte...they are one of my most favoured bands in germany - the veryy best is the live album recorded in the high school in hamburg..especially the song
"manchmal, aber nur manchmal, haben frauen ein kleines bisschen haue gern..." do you know the video? it was sort of a little scandal here, as most of the aerzte stuff....

o my god, tha must be enough for today...
my email ad is
i'd love to get any kind of response...
and merry xmas & a happy new year