Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Go Ravens!

So, my Ravens may have embarrassed themselves last night in Pittsburgh while I was at rehearsal, but there is still cause to rejoice. In the yarn world, that is.

Blue Moon has finally released their Raven Series! I've been waiting for this on the edge of my proverbial seat. I mean, it's me. I've long adored black and ravens and Poe and gothic themes. So the idea of a collection of yarn or patterns (cos I wasn't sure which it would be, or if it would be both) centered on ravens thrilled me, filled me with fantastic visions (to paraphrase the poet). Fortunately, it's all I had hoped for and more :) I want one of every color. They are SO beautiful, and I'm sure even moreso in person.

Now to scrounge enough money to pay for them all...


roxy =^o^= said...

Pam & I tried so hard not to text msg you LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey there, are you coming to spinning guild on Sunday? Would love to see you, it's been a while, I think since sheep and wool. I love the new Blue Moon colorways too!

Maria said...

Hello, it's Maria from Stitches. One of the sisters from North Carolina. Just reading your blog. Wow you have a lot to write about! I can only come up with one or two things to write about in a month. I am having trouble with a pattern or heck even a design for Universal Yarn Eden Silk. Ever heard of it Merino-Silk feels great and a good selection of colors. You have such a good eye for design that I need to pick your brain. I keep on staring at the same pattern that came with the yarn...I think that it has made me brain dead. Got any ideas for one or two skeins for a shop display?
If you are interested in polymer clay check out Interweave book I think that it is Polymer Clay Beads. Good ideas for beads. I have made several myself heck of a lot cheaper then buying them. Keep in touch.