Thursday, July 26, 2007

Road Trip Swag

One of the things I like about my job is that it requires me to travel around the state occasionally. Whenever I go somewhere for work, I've started finding a yarn shop in that town. So last week, I had to go to the Eastern Shore, so I found a yarn shop listed where I was going, and my coworker and I stopped in on our lunch break. Oh dear.

I spent quite a lot of money.

It was worth it, though! Look at this wonderful yarn I got, which comes from a company based on the Eastern Shore!

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The company is Blue Heron Yarns, and their yarns are fabulous.

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And shiny!!! In a subtle way...

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I couldn't resist buying it. Fantastic stuff. I think it's going to become some sort of capelet or cowl.

Tomorrow I'm going with a friend to another yarn shop over there across the water, so we'll see if I have anything new to post next week...

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Mindie said...

Will be interesting to see how that knits up, it looks lovely. I can see how you couldn't resist. You are so lucky. We have a real shortage of good yarn shops here. Most only stock 'standard' yarns. We have to shop online if we want anything a bit special such as you have just found. We used to be spoilt for choice but knitting went out of 'fashion' here and is only just making a come-back.