Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Theme: Acorns pt. 1 - Gathering Nuts

Like any good series, Thursday Themes may require a few two-parters.  Here is the first.  To be honest, between feeling low and having my routine disrupted by our uninvited guest Hurricane Sandy, I don't have anything new to post.  But I have been, as the title says, gathering nuts.  All supplies that are acorns or acorn-related.  Because I am a squirrel in disguise.  Now you know my secret.  So here's my stash, starting with paper...

The three papers in the foreground were a gift from RunningWave, the one in back is from Authentique's Fall line.

I've got stamps, too.  There's one I can't find, must be buried but not in the ground, more like in the mess that is my stuff.  But there's one from Paper Source and one from the Tim Holtz collection that are new and I can't wait to use:

Now, because Mom kind of spoils me sometimes ;), she found me all kinds of cool acorny things at Michael's.  Don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but I'll think of something...  Check it out:

That's a lot of glitter but I'll manage.

How cool are these links?

Lastly, there's one kit from Paper Source that I just had to have.  I had seen it last year and passed it up, but now I'm glad they brought it back this year.  I'm gonna hang it over the fireplace once I get it put together.  And of course there are going to be some alterations made to the original, because why leave it plain and looking just like everybody else's that bought the kit?

Ta-daa!  Ohyeah.  Kraft paper and wood veneer.

So the goal is to have made something with at least some of these things by next week, so that next week I can post part 2.  I don't have anything planned for Sunday so in theory, I can at least do something then.  We'll see what I come up with. 


Maryanne said...

Have fun with your acorns!! I love the papers from Running Wave. They're really beautiful!

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh, those papers are gorgeous! I love the little bits and pieces your mum gave you - what a lovely mum! The acorn stamps are wonderful, especially the sketched one - I can't wait to see what you do with them. Oh, and I love the acorn garland too - I think that means I love pretty much everything!!! Looking forward to part 2!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

I sooo love acorns!!! Love these and can#t wait to see what you create with them!