Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Dance... of Shame

Guess what??? MAH COMPUTER'S FIXED!!!

After a valiant effort by Pam's wonderful husband Kris (give that man some pie, Pam!), it still refused to hold onto a connection to the internet. I thought there must be somethin in my tubez blockin my internets. Turns out my tubez were not running with the latest drivers. The Lexi found this. He updated my wireless driver and voila! Like magic! I are dumb. And Lexi is my hero. I knew I love him for a reason.

Now surfing the net is far more pleasant at home! And with this newfound lack of frustration, I bring you Handspun Monday. How's your memory for fibers? Remember the batt I got from Gryphon? The one in, ya know, the last post before this one? It's now this:
NOM. It's been on the bobbin for a week now. I'm going to be plying it with some beads in. Stay tuned for updates :)

Another thing I've been meaning to get to. It's too late for the actual crusade deadline cos I'm lame, but I actually did participate in Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team Crusade #17! The mission was to put together a travelling art journal kit. A grab-and-go toolbox of all the essentials. So I did, a good week and a half before the deadline. Did I post about it? Noooooo. Why? Well, remember the part where I'm lame? Yeah. Combination of not spending enough productive time on the internet and me forgetting. Anyway, I used a makeup organizer. Ta-daa!


There are sketchbook pages, a pencil, extra lead, a sharpie, watercolors and brushes, a good eraser, a deck of cards cos I like to use those, a rub-on transfer book that I loooove, scissors, glue, and tape. Now there are also journal tags that I got from The Paper Pixie, which I just got this weekend. I'm super excited. I really plan on doing more of this journaling thing.

I have more to show off, but that will wait. I can't cram everything into one blog post, now can I? I wouldn't have anything else to post about, would I? Oh, I would? Well nevermind. I'm still saving some for tomorrow.


Trillian42 said...

You know, I believe the Lexi deserves pie.

michelle ward said...

Hey Carrie - sorry about the computer woes - what a drag! Glad you are up and running. Never mind being late for the Crusade because the important thing happened - making your kit! I'm loving the little peek of tribalness in there :) Thanks again for my POE DIRT! xo

Megan Warren said...

It's never too late to join a crusade! looks like a great kit you've put together.

iHanna said...

Oh, what a nice bag that is with transparent compartments, I like that! One way to become more creative is to actually visually see the things you can use to create with! :-) So I hope you'll pick that bag up often and look through it! :-)

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a makeup organizer that is a ring binder. Cool.


Megan B said...

Where did you get your bag? I am looking for something similar. Yo, that is just so cool to put all your stuff together like that. Awesome