Monday, March 10, 2008


That's how I feel with my current handspun vibe. Observe:

Remember that singles I spun from that gorgeous batt I got from Gryphon? Well, I plied it. With beads.


It was a little bit of a pain to ply with the beads in, but that's really cos I did it stupidly. Next time I ply something with beads, I'm going to spin it onto two separate bobbins rather than trying to string beads onto and then ply from a center-pull ball. Cos that was dumb.


Next up, I'm spinning from a gift. My friend Geri won some roving in a drawing after she donated to Lupus research. She doesn't spin, so she gave it to me, because she's incredibly sweet. This stuff is gorgeous. 100% merino, and the colorway is called "Earth & Sky."

I must check out what else Poppy Flower Fibers has to offer.

Because the color is so springy and natural, and because I am longing for spring and wanting to be outside without freezing to the bone, I started spinning this yesterday. Got about this far:
It definitely needs to be split and split and pre-drafted, but once I prep it, it's spinning beautifully. I'm trying to make the yarn more even this time, with varying degrees of success. My excuse is going to be that I was rather sleepy when I sat down to spin last night. Yes, sleepy. I did not, however, fall asleep at the wheel. *rimshot*

Soon, ever so soon, I will post my latest project/obsession. Michelle Ward is such a good bad influence! I rushed to work on this new thing right away on Friday, got two done, and haven't had the chance to play with it since. This week, though. Definitely.

Also, perhaps I should show off some of my recent Etsy finds. I've found so many sellers that deserve the love, and there are only gazillions more! Though I'm a little miffed at my mail service at the moment. Did you see Pam's shirt? I ordered one a day earlier and it hasn't come in. I'm very grumpy that I don't have my shirt. Stupid mail. Oh well, it's worth the wait ;)


Trillian42 said...

Tilli who?

Damn, girl. That's BEAUTIFUL!

And "fall asleep at the wheel"? Booooooo...

Clearly, my mailman likes me better than yours likes you. :D

Maryanne said...

The close up of the fiber Geri gave you is fabulous! As pretty as it is in person, that photo is even better!

Megan B said...

So what kind of wheel are you using? After all, my bday is coming up and I would like to drop a hint to the wonderful husband. Drop spindling takes too long.

Mindie said...

Wow, the spinning it just lovely and I think the beads are great. Can't wait to see how the roving looks once spun up it's beautiful.

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Hi there! OMG I am in love with the beaded homespun. That is beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog... and YES I agree about Michelle Ward! She is addicting. About those envelopes... I've had them for so long! I got them as a RAK from a friend online. I wish I had more. I'd be happy to share one with you. If you would like... email me your addy! my initials here: m c d c 3 s at y a h o o . c o m

Laurence said...

Loving all the nice colors of the yarns you have ! I like knitting too ! Thanks for your message on my blog !

ArtKat said...

I have no clues to "fiber lingo", but your yarn and fibers are certainly beautiful! Gorgeous photos! Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

kathy mccreedy said...

Oh, my... your transformation of the rovings is just incredible... I have never been inclined to learn to spin... until now!!! Really, really amazingly beautiful... love the beads worked into the play, and can appreciate how difficult that was. Then, I saw the blue/brown/green rovings, and thought it wouldn't really spin up to be very pretty... but boy, was I wrong!!! SO beautiful! Thank you so much for showing us this beautiful yarn, all my best!