Monday, June 11, 2007

A New Tradition?

Dunno how many people will start this, but I'm gonna try and start something. A little something I'm gonna call "Handspun Monday." Dunno about y'all but I feel like Mondays need a little spice. Friday's got its yarn pr0n, Wednesday now has its WiPs, so I feel that Monday needs a little something. Handspun sounds good with Monday, so there ya go. The inaugural pics...

Remember this?
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It's now this:
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It's not balanced, sadly, because I ply worse than I take pictures. (BTW, is there anybody that might be able to help me with that?) But it's definitely at least close to what I wanted it to be. Somewhere around sockish weight.

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So, join me in my quest! Post your handspun on Mondays! Make the lamest day of the week less lame!

P.S. In other news, I saw Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend with some friends. It's my favorite show. The one I saw this weekend is now my new favorite production of my favorite show (not counting the one that I was in, that would be a conflict of interest ;) ). Til now, the movie has been my favorite. Well, this one had the Jesus from the movie (Ted Neeley, eeeeeeee!!!), plus Corey Glover from Living Colour as Judas, and oh My GOD. The set was pretty minimal, the costumes were interesting. I liked the costumes, my friend did not. They were layered and kinda modern middle-Eastern looking, all in a very warm palette. The staging in general was excellent. One element I really enjoyed was that Jesus had little conversations with God throughout the show; you'd see him look up and out, and reach up or make gestures. And "Gethsemane" just about killed me. It was perfect. If there's a Platonic ideal of "Gethsemane" then that was it. Or as close to it as earthly possible. But really, I'm starting to think that God created Ted Neeley specifically to play that role. It made me inordinately happy. I can't stop raving about it.

Also, the end of The Sopranos? Wow. I never followed the series, cos we didn't have HBO at home until I was at college, and at college I didn't have HBO on campus, but my parents are fans, so I've been watching the last six episodes. For the last five minutes, I was in a constant state of panic. Every detail they zoomed in on made me jump. Wow. And Mom thinks I'm nuts but I really hope the actor that played A.J. has a good career after this because he's adorable. When he's not being, ya know, A.J. Bye-bye, Sopranos.


Knitting in Pink said...

Handspun Monday is a great idea! I actually decided that Monday would be spinning Monday starting last week! How funny that someone else would start it too! You can see it on my blog at

OLPP said...

Jesus Christ!
Why are you driving a stolen car?
I don't spin, and the world is better for it, but your yarn is absolutely lovely!