Friday, March 4, 2011

Pics or it didn't happen!

I almost hate to make my next post so soon, because I don't want to draw focus away from Mr. Pocket, but the post is still there, below this one, so please do scroll down if  you haven't seen his awesome work yet.  I just had to show you this -- proof that I am finally makin' stuff again.

You see, Mr. Pocket and I are enjoying a quiet night in.  Dinner, WWE, wool, and my sweetie.  Ahh.

(Pesto pasta w/ shrimp, and some fresh tomato)
Look!  See!  I promised I would do more crafting, and I am!
(Also, I love our new couch.  It's the perfect height for my spinning wheel.)

It was Mr. Pocket's idea to post pictures of these things, because as he and his friends often declare, "pics or it didn't happen!"  Maybe I'll use them to start an entry for Michelle's new Crusade.  We'll see.

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Maryanne said...

Dinner looks yummy! Wonder where you got the pesto ;)!