Monday, March 21, 2011

Out of the Blue

Last weekend I moved my sewing machine and all my fabric to the new place.  I haven't sewn anything in ages, at least not beyond shortening pants.  And I needed something to wear with a dress I got for a friend's wedding.  So it was time to revisit an old design that I've been wanting to do again.  I had significant leftovers of blue silk noil from this SCA garb:

So I cut it into two long rectangles and started workin' my stitchy magic.
Stitchy stitchy...

And after a few hems and a couple of seams, I had a jacket :)  I even got to work on it at a craft night at a new friend's house.  Unfortunately, I don't have any finished object pics yet, because, well, it's not quite finished.  But this gives you an idea (from the back, before the side seams):
It's very... solid colored.  So it needs some embellishment, and I think I'm going to do some sashiko embroidery if I can find a border pattern I like.  And if I can decide on a thread color.  You know.  Little things like that.

Ironically, I ended up not wearing it to the wedding with the intended dress.  Turns out that I don't like the way the shape of it works with the dress.  Oh well.  I managed to find a perfect green pashmina really cheap at the mall, and it gives me more time to embellish the jacket ;)

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Maryanne said...

If you don't do sashiko you can do some machine stitching. It's lots quicker, but then I'm not a sashiko fan. It's nice to see you sewing again. I sewed again last week too!