Monday, January 28, 2008

The Return!

The Return of Handspun Monday! And the return of the camel!

You've seen the singles. Well, last night I plied one bobbin.


I was considering Navajo plying, but in the end I just did a simple 2-ply. It's simpler, especially for an uneven yarn.



It's soooooo soft. And I haven't even set it yet. It's like a little cloud of happiness. Fluffy and soft and squishy... and all mine.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what's that book in the background of the first pic? Hmmm, Luxury Knits? Sounds like a present from someone awesome :-)

When I actually thought about it, that really soft yarn would be perfect for some of the things in that book. Clever photo design!


Trillian42 said...

Ooh... looks lovely!

Mindie said...

I can almost imagine how soft it feels from your photos. It's going to make something lovely and squishy.

Megan said...

Hey, that is some awesome spiff yarn. Good job. I have new drop spindles but have not gotten to plying yet. I sort to have to spin enough to actually ply. Taking a mucho long time. :) Hope you enjoy the camel!

Chris said...

Oh, I have such an itch to work with fiber, but I haven't had time to learn anything new right now! A friend of mine is knitting with Afghans for Afghans and she's always showing me the great yarns she's gotten, and it looks so cool. These are very interesting and texture-y.