Sunday, November 2, 2008

Columbina Revealed

Well, it didn't quite go off without a SNAFU (none of my projects ever do, so I don't know why I expected this one to...), but I'd say my costume turned out okay. Not quite as elegant as I'd envisioned, but hey. Nothing ever is. So now, because I know you, my friends, have been waiting for pics, I give you...



From the back:

The mask is from Mythical Masks and the feather barette is from Dragon Wings. The blouse, skirt, and corset were of course painstakingly crafted by yours truly. I painted the diamond pattern -- well, printed more like. I cut a big chunk of stamp rubber into a diamond, and painted fabric paint onto it, and printed the fabric with that.


The sequins at the points were Mom's idea, and she even volunteered to sew them on. My mom rocks. :)

Happily, the party went far more smoothly than the costume. I think my friend Matt had the most clever costume: he was the Nile turning to blood!

P.S. OMG Football! Both my teams were comeback kings this weekend. Amazing. And awesome.


michelle ward said...

Gorgeous! Divine! Inspired! Love the costume Carrie - thanks for the runway poses and the details. The diamonds with the sequin embellishment is fab. And those feathers - swoon. Bravo!

Mindie said...

Wow, such a great costume. You have a real talent there. Perfect, just perfect!
Thanks for sharing it.

roxy =^o^= said...


It is so beautiful. You need to hop on a plane and scoot your sexy squirrelness to Hollywood and dethrone some jaded costume designer/wardrobe consultant.Show them what real taste, talent & style looks like! That is just too amazing for mere words.

And yes, your mom does rock :D

Heh heh --- go STEELERS *wink*

Big hugs,

LaY hOoN said...

Gorgeous !!! The dress & mask is so perfect for you.
I love it.