Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ravelympics Update

I know, no creative title. It's late and I'm low on brain-juice.

AnyWho, I felt the desire to post and celebrate that my shawl for the Ravelympics Shawl Relay is finished! Well, not completely. Well, it's finished but the ends need weaving in. And it needs to be blocked. BUT the crochet is done! I am dubbing it my Triangular TARDIS (Shawl), because it is blue like the TARDIS and I crocheted it for Team TARDIS, and it's at the moment quite small and scrunchy but I have faith that once it's blocked it will be much bigger. It's a moderately sized shawl disguised as a tiny one.

Pictures to come soon, once it's blocked and the ends are woven in. For now, though...

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