Saturday, July 19, 2008


Next in my resurgence of craftiness, I have decided to finally tackle what I've been putting off for over a year. Remember this?


I'm finally washing it. I know a lot of people say that you don't have to wash alpaca because it doesn't have any lanolin. The problem is, it DOES have dust, and dirt, and grit. And I read in Spin-Off that you really should wash it so that said dust, dirt, and grit don't get embedded in your yarn, because not all of it will wash out once the yarn is spun. So I'm tackling the job of washing nearly 3 pounds of alpaca fleece today. 30 minute soaks with Eucalan in a galvanized tub on the patio, followed by similar soaks without Eucalan to rinse. You should see the horrid muddy color of the water after the soapy soak. Ew. I'm glad that stuff's not ending up in my yarn.

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Mindie said...

Three pounds! That's a lot of washing and a lot of spinning, but worth it. You can see in the picture how soft it is, lovely. Any idea what it's going to be?