Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Uh, yum.

So yesterday I needed to play for a bit, so I pulled out the small bag of alpaca top that I got from The Woolery and started it on my spinning wheel. I know alpaca is reputed to be not the easiest fiber to spin, but oh my GOD it was a dream. Long draw, inchworm, straight from the whole length of top... btw have I mentioned that I break spinning rules? A lot? Yeah, I do. And I'm not at all ashamed. Who wants to spend time pre-drafting when there's spinning to be done and awesome experimental results to be had?

Also, in the car on the way to our site visit for work today, I started swatching my skein of Euroflax. I got it at Stitch DC with grand plans for a small capelet. Well, I've decided to sacrifice the whole skein to, as Amy Singer calls them, "Geeky things." Swatches of all different gauges, stitch patterns, and stages of washing/blocking. I decided I needed to do this in order to properly design the perfect linen capelet for my beautiful vintage clasp that Mom got me for Christmas. Anyway, that linen is wonderful to work with, if a bit thin for the comfort of my hands (I tend to be tense, so my hands end up cramping), and I would've finished a couple of swatches if my eyes hadn't decided to hurt. Like a mofo. Either I need new glasses (well ok yes I need new glasses) or I'm getting a sinus infection. Stupid sinuses. Keeping me from crocheting. Evil.

Pics of resulting projects to come. Film at 11!

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